Who We Are

Siltless Deep Sea Dive was established and founded by Mr. Jason Gillo in response to “Fill the Gap and Demand“ for better dive education and diving exploration needs of the diving industry.

With the growing diving public all over the world, witness the commercialization of scuba diving education and diving. Getting into shortcuts in exchange for profit and quantity, in result we get several low quality, incompletely trained certified divers diving the world. We all know where will these lead us to,

After years of diving the world from the deep offshore oil fields of the middle east to the most pristine tropical waters of the most luxurious places, Mr. Jason Gillo, decided to call Philippines Home and Headquarters for Siltless Deep Sea Dive Center, where there is 365 days of diving all around, and where all the major historical Ww2 wrecks are found.

Catering from the beginning Learner Divers of Recreational levels to the complex Technical Mixed Gas Diving.

The Facility and The Team, itself recieves regular clients/ individual divers around the world, for their Training, Certification needs, all the way to Their Exploration Necessities.

We always Live by the saying,

”Go Where No One Has Gone Before”

Jason Gillo

Jason is one of the few Filipino Dive Talents that was able to earn Legitimate Backgrounds for Commercial, Recreational, Technical and Military Diving, a rare exposure a professional diver will experience all his career. He is also a Trained Aviator since 1999. Jason has been a dive professional since 2003, has been diving deep mixed gas range dive sites and wrecks as a certified Technical Diver early years of 2000,taught several high profile personalities around the globe. Jason is one of the rare breed of dive professionals from the Philippines who became a legitimate Commercial Inshore and offshore Hard hat Diver under the IMCA and ADCI recommended guidelines for diver qualifications for the Marine construction and Subsea oil and gas industry. Jason is the First Filipino PSS accredited Dive instructor in The Entire Philippines to be authorized to teach and certify Recreational and Technical Scuba Diving. 17 years of being a Dive professionals holding multiple agency certificates allows him and his facility to share and impart accurate knowledge and experiences to anyone willing to take their first breath underwater or to those who requires more training as certified divers already with different specific needs. An ambassador for marine conservation and better dive tourism in the Philippines. A proud father and a loving husband as well as a believer of all good things comes for those who believe in God!